And it begins...

JohZant Owner posted Jan 30, 18

Hey there, Archetype fam!

I am just super stoked with you all right now. Like, really, really happy. The support from each and everyone of you is amazing and it is literally what keeps me going on this path that is set out before us.

We had an amazing week after the last weekend where we added some exciting features. In fact, last week was so great, and the response to our future was so large, that we have decided to move forward with a few things.

So, here is what this last week had in store for us.

  1. Added donations store.
  2. More quests added to factions server.
  3. Permissions were migrated to a better solution. (faster, more efficient and ready for the network).
  4. Moved to #764 in server ranks.
  5. Moved to #10 in Australian Minecraft server ranks.

Since the store has been up, we have had a few very generous donations. I'd like to thank all the people that donated to the server. It really does mean a lot to us as it helps us know that we are on the right path to creating something truely great. With a small amount of the money that was donated, we were able purchase some premium plugins for the Network that I think everyone will enjoy a lot

The Network

As many of you may have realised, I have been ducking in and out of the server a lot, and I am spending long periods of time "offline". This is not me taking a vacation, or bailing on you. The majority of my time is currently spent configuring the new servers that we will be launching soon.

Currently, we are looking to open the following game types.

  • Vanilla - at launch
  • Creative - at launch
  • Skyblocks - at launch
  • KitPVP - Later
  • Parkour - - Later

For those that are using to connect to the server currently, you will not have to change anything. You will just jump on and load up in the Hub of the new server. For those that are using the IP of the factions server, you will need to change the Server Address to mc.archetype-mc-com as soon as you can. If you keep using the IP address, you will try to login one day to see that the server is down.

What does this mean for your stuff on the Factions Server?

Nothing. All of your stuff will be exactly the same as when you left it. The factions server will be shutting down so that I can migrate it to the network. I am not sure how long it will take. Please have a look at the FAQ for this and put any questions that you have about it there.


There will be a need for more staff in this new server. If you feel like you can dedicate time and energy to helping players, new and old, as well as helping the senior staff members, please apply here.

Thanks fro reading, thanks for being a part of the community and thanks for supporting the Archetype Server.

See ya in-game,


We have come a long way

JohZant Owner posted Jan 22, 18  -  ArchetypeMinecraftNetwork

Hey there, Archetype Community!

I just wanted to give a bit of an update as to where we currently are. I know that a lot of Minecraft servers come and go without any type of warning, so it can be hard to trust a new server like ours. We want to keep you informed so that you can get a feeling as to how the server is going and whether or not it is worth investing more time.

I'll try and post an update every week or so. Mainly if we have made any changes that you might be interested in.

The Past...

We have come a long way since the Archetype server was originally started. We had a vision in mind, a vision of a simpler version of Minecraft in Australia. A way to start small and slowly build up our community as well as our server.

The Archetype factions server was designed to JUST be a factions and survival server. We had very few additions from vanilla, most of them being a way to help us manage the server. The reason we went with Factions was that we honestly love the way that factions works. I, too, was once the man-child that played Factions and watched all the YouTubers.

The biggest problem that I had with the Factions server is that they were all overseas and giving me the worst connection. I was basically the least effective player in my faction since I couldn't hit anyone. For those that have fought me on the server, you will know that I have not improved much.

So I created a Factions server, in Australia, and adjusted it to my liking; A server that is simple to use and gives as close to a vanilla experience as possible. Players came, and enjoyed the connection, but we soon learned that not everyone enjoyed a simpler experience like us. So we adapted it, just as we said we would, to expand with our community.

The Present...

The past week has been one of the most exciting weeks that we have had since the server opened. We hit a few milestones, added and altered a lot of the server content based on the suggestions that you have all provided and added in some new content and features.


This week, we added two new staff to our ranks. These two community members have been outstanding in their dedication and knowledge. All staff need to be active community members and excellent role models for everyone. I believe that our community is stronger with them in it. Congratulations to the new staff!

Pepa_Truthy Helper

DakotaWebber Helper

These two players will allow suz_cos and me to focus on creating more content and manage the servers so that we can give you a better experience.


We came to the public as a Factions server, but you all wanted more. Since we love our player base a lot more than they love us, we decided to bring some more features and content into the Archetype server. 

Since we first started, we added some extra content over a few weeks. This was mainly things that were suggested and quite simple to add in.

  1. Creative Plots
  2. Outposts around the world with different activities. Warps to these outposts can be found below spawn.
  3. Parkour course for those that are not as bad at Minecraft as me.
  4. Crates and Envoys.
  5. Silk Spawners (These have been in for a while now. We just did not allow the selling of them in the shop).
  6. mcmmo.
  7. This website.

This was a good amount of different types of things to do in-game. But you wanted more! So, this past week, after the overwhelming support and number of players that we had come through, you got more!

  1. Faction Chat - This has been requested for a while. We finally had too many players for me to keep up with, so if the chat is busy, feel free to switch over to Faction Chat or Allied Chat.
  2. Ranks and Donator Perks - We have finally added in the ranks, and we have loaded them out with Cosmetic perks. These ranks will be available to purchase in the future, as well as being available to win in-game right now!.
    1. "Trails" allows players to customise their trails with different trails being made available to higher ranks.
    2. "Pets" allows users to spawn pets into the world and name them. More pets are given to higher ranks.
  3. Custom Tags - We added the ability to add custom tags next to your name in chat. These are used for donators and ranks to apply their tag to their name in chat, however, we also have tags that are available to everyone by completing quests and tasks. These will be continuously expanding, so if you have an idea for a tag, let us know on the suggestion forums.
  4. Quests - The land is far and wide. Factions can become boring during the downtimes and we want you to still have a great experience. So we added in the ability to get quests off of NPCs and complete them for rewards. These rewards can be a massive range of things and constantly be improving and changing.

The Future...

Our future is bright, and only getting brighter as you, our community, grow. We hit some great milestones which have put us in a position where we are almost ready to move forward with some big things. Here are a few of the great things that we have coming up!

The Donator Shop

We have had countless people ask where they can send money so that they can support the server. Many of them were not even after a rank. This generosity is what keeps me going. But, I have not had the server at a place where I think players should be happy to help pay for the server. We see the Archetype server as a product that has to meet expectations. Until now we did not think that the server was deserving of those generosities. We told everyone that we aren't happy with it and to keep their money until it was deserved.

That time has almost come. We are happy, and from the looks of things, you are all happy too. Within the next week, we will have the server ready and enable donations. We are still finalising some of the prices and items as we need to be 100% above board regarding the Minecraft EULA.

The Website

We are continuously trying to upgrade the website and make it more useful for you guys. If you have any feedback for us regarding what you like and dislike about the website, let us know in the forums! I know that putting yourself out there can be scary at times, but there are most likely players that have the exact same thoughts as you that are looking for someone to step up first. Don't be afraid to let us know what your thoughts are. None of us are scary and we have proven time and time again that we love hearing from you.

The Network

When I started the server, I did, of course, have a goal in mind. I did not just put the old credit card in and thought "Let's see what happens". My goal is to bring Australian Minecrafters back to Australia. I get it, every other country has amazing networks of minigames and humungous servers of players. But this is because Australia seems to be lacking in a few areas. 

  1. Our own countries infrastructure is quite dated and rivels that of third world nations,
  2. The current Australian servers are lacking in players due to complicated setups, intricate features and the inability to compete with the offshore servers, and
  3. The cost to set up a high powered server onshore.

Two of these problems are out of my control. The current infrastructure will only get better with the rollout of the NBN being completed by 2020 (Doubt it, but hey, you never know), and the costs of technology on Australian soil is so much more expensive for some unknown reason that the only way that I can successfully combat that is by focusing on the second issue - player base.

We have finally gotten to the point where the future looks so promising that we can move onto the next step - The Network.

What is The Network? 

The Network is the next step towards multiple game modes. You may be surprised by this, but I am betting that most Minecraft players have played on a network before. Servers like Hypixel, Mineplex and Fruit Servers have multiple servers hosting their different game types and this is referred to as a Network.

So what does this mean for Archetype?

This means that we will offer more than one type of game mode that will diversify our community and open you up to new games that will keep Minecraft fun and exciting!

Over the next several weeks, we will start to layout the framework for The Network so that once we start adding games, we can keep your experience as interruption-free as possible.

That pretty much sums up what we have been up to, where we started and what we have planned for our future. Feel free to let us know your thoughts and issues on anything above and we will do our best to address these problems.

I'll see you in-game,


YearlyWriter This is a very descriptive news post, I love it! And I enjoy what lies ahead in my endeavors within your server.

Welcome to Archetype!

JohZant Owner posted Dec 29, 17

Hey there!

Welcome to the Archetype Minecraft community.

We are a simple factions server based in Sydney, Australia.

Why another Minecraft Server?

The US, UK and Europe have so many beautiful Minecraft servers full of great games. Australia has very similar servers, but with only a fraction of the player base.

Archetype Factions is an Australian server that is dedicating itself to its player base and the Australian Minecraft community.

What does this mean?

This means that we will not be bringing in complicated plugins and game modes. We will not be giving thousands of commands and most of all, we will slowly build our server WITH our player base.

The server has been active since 7th December, 2017. It is a Factions server, with minimalistic commands and services, that works for Groups of players as well as those that want to play solo.


At this stage, we offer Factions and a Creative world. 


We love discord! Come and join our discord.


We know that a lot of people want to donate to help make the Archetype successful. We will be accepting donations and offering paid Ranks in the future, however we don't want anyone to spend money with us until we are happy with the server setup. We are almost there and we look forward to giving you a great experience.

See you on the Archetype server,


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