The One about the Arena and KitPVP

By JohZant Owner - Posted Apr 16, 18

Well, today is the last day of School Holidays for some and the start of them for others. Either way, the Archetype team doesn't get a break, so here is what we have been working on!


  1. Balancing of Shop on Skyblock
  2. Server Selector Compass in Hubs. That's right! no more "So, what do i do now?"
  3. Setting up Arena Server
  4. Double vote Rewards (this has not been removed just yet, but it will happen in the next day or two.)
  5. Boring backend stuff

Bugs and Exploits

  1. Invisibility Bug on Arena

    There is a bug that was thought to have come from a particular plugin. However, we have noticed it in other areas on the server where the plugin is not in play. This issue is being investigated and only happens on the Arena Server. The temporary fix is to go back to the hub and then return to the arena, or if that does not work, disconnect from the network and reconnect.

  2. Mob Arena

    Mob Arena has been setup on the Arena server, but there seems to be an issue with it. While you may be able to use some of the commands, they don't really do anything at the moment as errors are being generated. This should be fixed in the next few days.

  3. Factions Crate Rewards

    We have had a few reports of players getting donour ranks from crates as rewards but not having the rank applied. This has stemmed from Ranks being changed in the crates. Basically, Donour ranks are not rewarded freely anymore, so we set up special ranks for the Factions server. If you experience this issue, let us know by raising a ticket.


Work on the Archetype Network is constant, but here are a few items that are on our mind at the moment.

  1. Arena - We are still setting up the arena. There was a direction that we were going to go, but it keeps on changing. The Arena is meant to be the place where you can go to kill anything you want. We are going to have different game modes on it but at the moment, we are trying to decide on how these game modes should be linked and what sort of rewards they should give.
  2. Website - Our website needs a bit more love. We need to style it a bit better and get some good graphics and possibly a new logo. This will be an ongoing change and it will be slow. I am sorry if there is anything that breaks or if something doesn't quite look right at times. If you have any suggestions, let me know on Discord or in the Forum under Suggestions.
  3. Server as a whole - This one seems dumb..... possibly the most dumb one here. Obviously we are working on the server! But what I mean by "Server as a whole" is offering to you, our community, and the rest of the Australian Minecraft Community what is needed.

We started out with a goal to bring Australia a server that would offer more game modes that what is currently on our shores. We started with Factions, which turned out well, and then when we moved to having multiple servers and gamemodes we looked for instant gratification from our decision. The instant gratification that we got was by offering gamemodes that were already in Australia.

Well, that gave us a good base, but we are now looking at what is currently on offer in Australia and what seems to be popular elsewhere. We hope to give some good experiences in the near future that you will not be able to find else where in Australia.


This weekend coming up, Vanilla will have a Double Ore chance. This means that for every ore that you mine, you will get a chance to get two drops.

Those that know me understand that I can be inherently evil when it comes to a chance option in the config file. This weekend though, we will be setting the double drop chance to greater than 25%! I won't be giving you the exact rate as I still need to have a little fun, but you should be getting at least a statistical quarter of your drops doubling.

Also... I may secretly change it from time to time for a bit of fun, so beware!


Thanks for having a read. If you get a chance over the next week, drop me a message on Discord, on the server or on the website and give me some feedback about anything. It can be anything from "how good JohZant is at PVP" to "What you would like to see in these posts". Every player has thought at one time or another about starting a Minecraft server, so talk to me! Tell me what you like, what you hate, what you want to see more of and what you want to see less of. 

You can even let me know what your favourite server is, or even your favourite gamemode from another server that you play. I am all ears!

See you in-game,


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