Easter Holidays!

By JohZant Owner - Posted Apr 3, 18

Happy Easter, ArcheFam! I hope everyone had a nice time with family and friends, or even those that spent it on Minecraft or in front of the television, like myself.

We were a bit late with the weekly roundup this week, due to the public holidays, but here is what happened over the last week.


  1. Skyblock got a new spawn, and a shop!
  2. Name Colours were added to the game and are available for purchase in the website Store.
  3. Kits and Ranks were added to Factions. These kits are available for Factions ranks only atm. This does not mean current donours will have access to them.
  4. Skyblock Vote Crate rewards had some goodies added.

Bugs and Exploits

  1. Factions Creeper and TP issue

    We have a few reports of people crashing when hitting a creeper or taking fall damage when teleporting. The creeper issue is believed to be fixed at this stage, but we have some more testing to do. The TP issue is a very hard one to solve as it requires that the server is put into "super debug mode" which will generate really large log files that I will have to sift through. To help me out with this, if you could please raise a ticket everytime that you take fall damage by typing /ticket and creating a new ticket under the "bug" category.

  2. Delay in Vote Rewards

    This has now been resolved. Rewards and Notifications will be given straight to you on the server. If you have registered on the website, you will still experience a delay for your Coins.

  3. Crate Key Drops

    The Vote Crate on Factions was not handing out keys. This has been fixed.


We are always developing certain parts of the server with fixes here and new content there, but the main part of the server that I am working on, especially now that most of the servers are running smoothly, is the Arena.

This week I got to get my hands a bit dirty and finish planning the server. Over the next week, I am hoping to temporarily open a section so that you can get your first look at the Arena and what sorts of gameplay it might entail.

The first part of the server will be a KitPVP area where you will have unlimited uses of Kits. This will hopefully be out and ready for this weekend.

Note: All player progress, such as balances and other gains, will be wiped after the testing is done and the server is closed again.


With the Holidays here, we have decided to double the Voting rewards for the entirety of the school holidays. We are wanting to pick up some more members for our community over this period, so remember to vote for us and get some of those sweet rewards!


I just wanted to also take the time now to say thanks to all of you. All members of the Archetype Community are very special to me and I enjoy playing with you all. I know that I may not get to play too much, but for the periods of time where I do get to take 30 minutes to an hour out of my day to enjoy the server, it is a lot of fun and I really enjoy what we have all created here.

See you in-game,


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