Easter, here we come!

By JohZant Owner - Posted Mar 26, 18

Wow! Almost a quarter the way through the year. Easter is coming up, and for many, it will be school holidays. Yay!

Here is what we have been up to over the past week.


  1. Factions had all of its crates added back in.
  2. Anticheat was tinkered with to be more lenient in some places but crack down a bit more in others.
  3. We added a few things to the backend to make things run smoother and give us a better look at what is happening around the entire network.

Bugs and Exploits

  1. Pets Crashing Servers

    This is a well-known bug. The developer of the Pets plugin has said that it will be updated in the next version. Until then, I have removed the pets from most servers.

  2. Delay in Vote Rewards

    Some vote rewards have been taking up to 10 minutes to come through. This is being investigated.


Now that Factions and Skyblock are running smoothly, I will be getting into the development of the Arena Server. This is a big project and there will be times where we will get some people to come into the server to test things out. 

Basically, we are trying to add in 3-4 different game modes that all revolve around the same thing; Destroying your opponent. But this will take a lot of trial and error.

Watch this space!


With Easter coming up, we are trying to think of some Easter based events. We have something in the works but if it doesn't work out, we don't want to have you all disappointed.

Because of this event, we won't be hosting any server-specific events this weekend.


A big congratulations to DakotaWebber. He has been a great helper and we believe that he would be a great addition to our team as a moderator. 


How was that? A nice and quick read!

Most of the stuff that we have been doing is backend stuff, but I assure you that it does make the server run smoother and adds to your continued good experience.

See you in-game,


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