We are halfway through March and I did miss a report last Monday. I do apologise as I was very busy with setting up Factions and making sure that everything was going according to plan.

I have also been a bit bogged down with work for this last week so I was not able to be on as much as usual. I will try and rectify that this week coming up!


Factions was reset and has now been going for over a week. We had a good turn out for the opening and the server is doing not too badly. It has again become the favourite, which I am very happy about.

We only had the Auction House as a way to make money for the first week, but this past weekend we added back the shop. We believe that it is very balanced and so far everyone seems to be happy with it. We keep getting questions about how empty it is and when we are gonna finish it. The truth is that the shop is finished now and we have left the open slots for if we decide to expand.

The last server got out of hand because we added in so many things to the shop that it became unmanageable. This time we want to develop the economy more naturally.

Note: Taxes was turned off since we did not have the shop up in time. They will be turned back on at 7 pm AEST today (19th of March, 2018). Make sure that your factions are stocked up with money.

Bugs and Exploits

  1. Vanilla and Skyblock Crashes

    I was lucky enough to be online as one of these crashes took place. I was able to get a very clean crash report and I have submitted this to the plugin developer that was causing the issue. This should hopefully be fixed in the next week or so.

  2. Villagers Disappearing from Factions

    Zombie Villagers were not able to be turned into Villagers due to us not spawning Villagers on the Factions server. We fixed this and now you can get Villagers from Zombie Villagers.


We were meant to be releasing the Arena server this past weekend but we got too carried away with the Factions server. Since all of my attention has been turned towards the Factions server for the past week and we have a few things that we want to add to the Factions server over this next week, the Arena server has been postponed. We literally have no ETA on this as there is a fair bit to set up.

However, Factions will be getting pretty much all of the love this next week from me with Kits, Ranks and Crates being added. The reason we are adding in Ranks and Kits is to separate our Donour Ranks from those that have not donated to the server. At the moment, donour ranks can be awarded to players from crates and envoys on the Factions server. This means that non-factions players don't get the chance to get a donour rank and also that our donours are not set aside from the rest of the players.

Our donours are very special to us and we don't want to disrespect them by handing out something for free that they got by helping out the server.

We will also give Skyblock a little bit of love this next week or two with some changes coming in for the shop.


As a part of our plan to bring in some new players as well as keep our current players happy, we will be planning events every weekend or second weekend. This may not be on every server, but we will try and even out the events as much as possible. 

This past weekend we tried out an event on the Factions server, which got a little bit of attention. We didn't advertise it because if we broke the server with it, we did not want to get complaints. Turns out that we broke nothing, so we are very keen to keep the events rolling.

This next weekend coming, 7 pm, 23rd of March,2018 until 7 pm, 26th of March, 2018, we will be hosting two events.

  • Skyblock ~ 50% off all Flytime purchases.
  • Factions ~ 1.5x mcMMO XP Weekend. 

Let us know if there are any Events that you would like to see in the future and we will see what we can do!


We know that we have been very quiet over the last two week. For the players that have been online, I have had a great time chatting with you and getting to know you all a bit more. I hope that you have enjoyed my company as well.

As usual, hit me up if you have any issue or questions about anything. We do love the feedback, especially the feedback we got this past weekend.

See you in-game,


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