Goodbye, February!

By JohZant Owner - Posted Mar 5, 18

First month of the network is down, and it has been a pretty exciting time. Here is what we got up to this past week.


  1. Vanilla made..... more vanilla

    We had the AFK kicker and the "Border Rule" brought into question by some members. The concerns that were raised were 1. The AFK kicker was not actually a part of the Vanilla game, and 2. The Vanilla game allows people to build on top of the nether and other places like that. 

    After giving it some thought, the Border rule has been revoked, for the Vanilla server only, and the AFK Kicker has been removed since it is not in normal Vanilla.

  2. Skyblock Voting Crate

    Skyblock recieved a bit of love with a new Vote Crate. Instead of money being given for voting, vote crate keys will be given out. It has some nice items in there to help get you along with your island. The crate can be found at the Skyblock spawn (/spawn).

  3. Factions Boost

    In anticipation for the reset of Factions, we increased the envoys so that only 1 person would need to be on for them to drop, and the envoys would drop 10 crates. Included in this boost, keys were set to get dropped every 15 minutes, so that players could achieve maximum rewards and mcmmo got a 10x boost so that people could finish off their mcmmo ranks.

  4. Parkour

    Parkour was released this past friday. We have had some really good times set so far and some super entertaining courses to test yourselves on. Go and have a try of them. See if you can get your name into the top 5.

  5. Changes to the way we punish

    We have added in some new ways to discipline people. Bans will be used more frugally and we will start to use different forms of punishments from now on. Because of this change, we believe it is unfair to keep players punished so we have lifted all current non-hack related bans. For those that wish to continue their offensive behaviour, we will not even second guess other forms of punishment. 

Bugs and Exploits

  1. Poor Connections

    Over the last few days, since last Thursday, some of you may have noticed a drop in connectivity. A lot of players, including myself, were getting kicked a lot. After monitoring the situation, we found that there were massive lag spikes, not on the minecraft servers, but on the network itself. We have addressed these issues with the network with our server provider and the lag spikes have disappeared. If you are having troubles with your connection and you do not believe that it is on your end, raise a ticket so that we can check for you.

    Before raising a ticket make sure that you troubleshoot your end first to eliminate the issue.


With Parkour being released, we only have one more server to go before we will view our network as complete; The Mob Arena. Or, as we are calling it now, The Arena.

Originally, we were going to have KitPVP on one of the servers. This changed as we realised that there were only a couple of players that were excited for KitPVP. While excitement from players excites me a lot, having only a few KitPVP players makes for a very boring fight. So we decided to change the roadmap to include a Mob Arena server instead of the KitPVP.

With so much potential with the Mob Arena, we really thought that it would be an awesome server... and it will be. But now, we will be combining the server to house PVE Arenas as well as PVP arenas. The Arena server will be the ultimate place to fight what ever you want. Whether it be unlimited waves of mobs, elite players or monster bosses, the Arena will have something for you to kill.

Factions Reset

The Factions Server reset was announced this week and we are SUPER excited. Most of my time was spent on cleaning up the Factions server and getting it ready for everyone to start fresh. We don't want to ruin too many suprises or tell you what we have in store for the future, but here is some info on what is to come:

  • Brand New Spawn ~ more functional and central
  • "The Pit" ~ Challange players and duel them to the death - Winner Takes All!
  • Smaller border ~ This was originally thought to be at about 10k, but we might even have it start out smaller.
  • Economy balancing ~ Get the old prices out of your head. The new economy will be balanced by YOU.
  • New Shop ~ Only the essentials. This will be brought out at a later date. You will have to survive and work for some things yourself. Spawners will be coming to the shop after it is released.
  • Auction House ~ This will be your main resource to buy and sell items.
  • Worldly Envoys ~ No more will Envoys be landing in a warzone and you forced to risk yourself to get one. Something much worse will happen. Envoys will drop in greater numbers, but at random locations in the world. (anywhere within 1000 blocks from spawn).
  • Everything is subject to change ~ While all of this is good info and has been well thought out, anything could change if it will suit the server better.

Here is the timeline for launch.

5:30pm - 7.30pm AEST Wednesday, 7th of March, 2018: Bomb Spawn to the ground. Everyone is welcome to come and watch. TNT cannons will be positioned around spawn and they will be loaded with 5 dispensers full of tnt. BYO Marshmellows.

7:30pm - 9:30pm AEST Wednesday, 7th of March, 2018: Server gets taken offline for the wipe.

5:00pm - 10:00pm AEST Thursday, 8th of March, 2018: Server gets brought back online sometime during these hours. Players will have access to the new spawn and the countdown to launch begins.

6:00pm - 7:00pm AEST Friday, 9th of March, 3018: Border opens and the Factions server is ready to be explored. I have said that this will most likely be at 7pm AEST, but if we get a really good turn out for it, I'll open the border up a bit earlier.

I look forward to see as many of you there as possible. It should be a fun weekend of exploring the new world. 


It is a long one, so if you got to here and you are still willing to play on the Archetype Network.... you are the real MVP. If you have any questions regarding anything that has been stated, comment here or hit me up on Discord.

See you in-game,


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