The one where I let my hair down a tad...

By JohZant Owner - Posted Feb 26, 18

Short report this week. We mainly spent the week and weekend fixing small things to make the server look and run better, and I actually got to jump on Skyblock for the first time.


Here are a few of the changes that were made. Some you will notice, others are quite subtle.

  1. Faction Border

    The Factions Server had its border reduced from 45k to 20k (10000 in each direction). We had some bases relocated. This was made easier as people gave the exact right locations, so thanks for that. If you have a Factions base that is outside of that space, it will now be lost. We did give 6 days to apply for a relocation and an extra day to move everything. Also, be careful about your /home locations. We won't be going to retrieve your items if you do die by going to a home outside of the border. If you want us to test it out for you, please ask us and we will attempt to find the location.

  2. Voting Rewards

    We have brought back voting rewards in-game. You no longer need to be registered on the website to get rewarded. However, we have left the Coin rewards in so if you are registered, you will still be getting some coins to use. The voting reward is sent in waves, so you may have to wait a few minutes before you get them. Just make sure that you are on the server that you wish to recieve rewards on.

  3. Tablist

    The old tablist was really cluttered and not pleasant to look at. This has been changed to contain everyone in one list. To see which server a player is on, there will be a character in brackets right in front of the players name. We have 6 servers, 7 including the hub, so it shouldn't be too hard to work out which is which.

  4. Chat Server Prefix

    We have updated the chat server prefixes to align with the tablist.

Bugs and Exploits

Quiet on the bug end.

  1. Chat Delay

    This has fixed itself. It is believed to be due to a faulty plugin that was removed.

  2. Random crashes and servers sometimes failing to get back up

    We are still looking into why servers are crashing, but they are getting back up fine now so the crashes have been less noticable. If you do notice one go down randomally, raise a ticket so that we can see the time that it went down and investigate.


Mob Arena and Parkour are underway. We don't have an exact time frame for them but we will be getting them sorted as quick as possible. We don't want to miss anything with these servers and we want to keep them professional from day 1. 

Watch this space!


I thought I would keep it short and sweet this week. I got to have a bit of fun, which was a nice change. I am still learning Skyblock, but hopefully I'll be able to contend soon enough.

Feel free to hit me up in game, on discord or on the forum if you have any issues or questions.

See you in-game,


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