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By JohZant Owner - Posted Feb 19, 18

Another week has gone by, and we are getting more and more excited. We hope that you are too!

Here is the report.


This week we focused on bringing some of the features that have been requested for a while.

  1. Auction House

    The Auction House has been added to Factions and Skyblock. This feature will allow people to move away from the economy that is forced in the servers (/shop and /is ms). The Auction House is used by typing in /auc to open up the GUI or /auc start to auction off the item in your hand.

  2. AFK Kicker

    Since the new server has opened, we removed the auto afk and then afk kicker. This has now been added back so that players actually have to play to be powerful, rather than just become powerful by having the most clocked up AFK hours.

  3. Factions Tax

    This came in last week, with the first lot of taxes being taken on Saturday. This cleared out a few dead factions, but it did bring to our attention that there were an alarming amount of Factions with no claimed land. Since they had no claimed land, they were able to avoid being disband. There has now been a $1000 upkeep added to taxes, just for having a faction. This has cleared out a few more, and the rest should follow soon.

  4. Anticheat

    This one is a bit boring, however, after we have had some reports from a few players regarding the Anticheat kicking them for things that they weren't doing, I decided to get some professional help. The system that we are using is the exact same, but how it works has changed a lot. We have already seen an improvement as we have had no complaints thus far. If you do find an issue, please raise a ticket as soon as you come back into the hub, this way we can get a better view of what has happened and why you had been punished.

  5. Plenty of improvements to the server in general...

    I don't want to bore anyone with all the other stuff that I had to improve the running of the servers, but there were a few extra things done to help me out in running the servers.

Bugs and Exploits

Every week we have a few bugs reported to us. This week has been spent trying to track down some of the big ones.

  1. Wild TP

    We had some issues with people dying in the spot that they landed after using /wild. This has now been resolved and tested. If this happens to you, please raise a ticket immediately.

  2. Vanilla and Mob Spawning

    There was a problem with how many mobs could be in a space at once. This has now been fixed since we removed the maximum entity cap. If we experience any sort of issues with resource usage on the server, we will put this back into place.

  3. Chat Delay

    This is still being investigated. We have isolated it to an area, but we don't know the exact cause.

  4. Random crashes and servers sometimes failing to get back up

    This is believed to be caused by an outdated plugin. The plugin has now been updated to the latest, but we are still monitoring it. 


Factions is the server that we started with, but it has lost a bit of popularity since we switched to the network. This has given us a bit of freedom to come up with a game plan with how to bring the fight back to Factions. Here are the changes that we have decided upon.

  1. In less than 24 hours, Lapis Lazuli will no longer be in any enchantment tables. You will be required to supply your own.
  2. In less than 24 hours, experience will be lost upon death.
  3. By the end of next weekend, before Monday the 26th of February, the border will be changed from 45k to 20k. 

To have your base location changed, fill out this form --> Relocation Form

You have to be the leader of the Faction to apply. Your claim will not be moved, just the blocks. Be accurate when filling out the form as we will get to you at the end, and if we have time, if there is a mistake.


We are almost ready to get cracking with a new game mode. After a lot of consideration, we have decided that we will be removing KitPVP from the future development list and replace it with a server that is completely dedicated to Mob Arena. The main reason that we have decided on Mob Arena is the fact that we are too spread out across the server at the moment to have a decent KitPVP server. The majority of the community is enjoying more friendly game modes at this stage so we thought that a PVE game mode might be a better use of our resources and time at the moment.


If you have any questions regarding anything in this post, or even a question that you have been thinking about for a while now, talk to us on the server, or send us a private message via Discord.

I am very happy with what we have accomplished during the week, and I am very pumped for what this next week will have in store for us. 

See you in-game,


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