First week down

By JohZant Owner - Posted Feb 12, 18

Good morning, Arch-Fam!

We opened our doors to the network on the 3rd of February, and have been really successful so far. On the old server, we had just over 400 people come through in 2 months. With the new network, we have had 94 people coming through. Granted, this does include all of you regulars, but even if we took that into account, we would be at over 1000 Unique players finding us and giving us a go in no time at all.

This past week, including the weekend, has been great and we got a fair few things done. Here is the report.

What did we add?

  1. Factions came back. We adjusted some things, such as how close to spawn you could claim and we also cleaned up the wreck around spawn. There were a few plugins on that server which helped us act like a network without having the resources. Ironically enough, these things actually take up resources. These have been removed.
  2. Mob Arena added to Factions.
  3. New additions to our Anticheat suite.
  4. Voting and new "Coin" Currency
  5. Faction Tax
  6. Mob Stacking in Factions
  7. Changed the entity clear time from 5 minutes to 1 hour.

What did we remove?

  1. Creative and Parkour was removed from Factions.

Bugs and Issues

Since we have added the ticket system in, we have been able to find and fix bugs more efficiently. This has also allowed us to focus on developing more as tickets can be directed to multiple people rather than just myself all the time.

Bugs Fixed

  1. Issues with villagers and other mobs in Skyblock.
  2. Certain crates not working on the factions server.
  3. Spawner signs in Factions shop not working.

Existing bugs

  1. mcMMO issues with not gaining XP.
  2. Vanilla server crashes and fails to start back up within 5 minutes.

If you have any bugs, please report them. We want to make this a bug free zone!

The new currency

I have talked to a few people about this and made a post. We now not only accept Money in our store, but we also accept "Coins". Coins is a new currency that allows us to give you the ability to purchase perks in-game. According to the EULA, I can't give you any objects that can advantage you in exchange for money. But what they didn't state is that I could make my own currency and allow you to use that!

This new currency is available to everyone, and no players will get extra currency for paying with real money. Coins can, however, be earned and we are continuously looking at ways that you can earn Coins in and out of the game.

Once you have Coins, you can spend them at the shop for in-game items on your favourite server.

Faction Tax

This is a big one that we think will create a bit more of a need for money. At the moment, money is fairly abundant in Factions. For most people, if you were to get raided and lost everything, it would late less than a day to get back up and running again. This is not what we want. We don't want people to have to grind too much, but we also like a challenge.

How it works

Every day, every Faction will get taxed. The amount is calculated by how many chunks you own. At this stage, and this may change in the near future, for every chunk that your faction owns, you will need to pay $250/day. This means that larger factions will have to cough up a lot more than a lot of the smaller factions.

If a faction is unable to pay their tax bill, the faction disbands and their claims are all removed. This will help us clean up all of the dead factions fairly quickly and this will give us a better indication of who the main powers are.

We have a grace period for all factions to put some money in their faction bank. So no factions will be removed until the Friday coming up. 


That is all from me this week. We do have a few little projects coming up that we are excited to show to you. Some of them we think you will love, others you probably won't care about as their only purpose is to make my life easier.

If you have any questions, post it in the forums or message us on Discord.

See you in-game,


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