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By JohZant Owner - Posted Feb 5, 18

Hey Archetypers.... Archetopics.... Archetypians.... 

Hmm... We'll work that one out at a later date maybe.

I am trying to keep true to my promises to all of you, so here is a little update on where we have gotten to so far. We did it!

We opened our doors to the network 3 days ago with Vanilla, Creative and Skyblock. Skyblock has had most of the love from you guys, with Vanilla following close behind. I think we were all really suprised with how much fun it would be. Personally, I haven't had a good chance to get my hand in there yet, but I hope to have a bit of a go REALLY soon.

One of the big things that we have noticed since we temporarily closed down the Factions server was most of you only really like factions. We knew that you all loved factions as much as us, but we didn't expect to see how much you guys didn't like us without factions. For that, we really are sorry.

Bugs and Issues

With the new server, we upgraded a lot of the plugins, replaced a lot of plugins and got some new plugins. One of these is a much better supported Anti Cheat and another a proper ticketing system. These would be the two main changes to your online experience with Archetype.


On the old server, we had a suggestion plugin where you could suggest anything and our ticketing system really just relied on you telling us about the issues and having to nag us. We tried to point you to the forums where you could report these issues and possibly find someone else that has the same issue so that we could get as much information as possible to fix it. But it turns out that none of you cared that much about the issues being fixed to actually post on the forums, so nothing actually got done about them.

On this new system, we have added in Tickets. Use /ticket to bring up a menu where you can create tickets for lots of different reasons. There is even a suggestion category for us to properly manage you suggestions. One of the major perks about this system is that you can add comments and the staff can comment back to you. This will hopefully open a better dialog between us so that we can communicate more efficiently and fix bugs a lot more quickly.

In saying that, if we direct you to put this on the forum, there will be a reason for it. The ticket system can only achieve so much. We can't get screen shots or examples sent to us through the system. If you are directed to put the issue on the forum, please do so.... do not raise another ticket. Abusing the ticketing system will put us offside.


This new anticheat is going to take a lot of the pressure off of the staff and allow us to work on bringing you better content. We are very excited for it! However, we will have some teething problems, as some of you have seen already.

If you are getting kicked for hacking, exploiting or cheating, and you don't believe that you were doing anything, please raise a ticket. We might ask you to put a post on the forum as we do need as much data as possible to configure the anticheat so that it catches the right people and leaves the majority of this community alone.

When asked to make a forum post, please include what the kick was for and what you were doing before the kick.

Other issues or problems

For anything else, open a ticket. If there is a bug, use the ticketing system. Exploit? Tickiting system. Report a player? Ticketing system. If you ask for help in chat, there is a fair chance that we might be fixing another issue. The Archetype Helpers will help you as best as they can if they are not helping another player, but if they are in the middle of something else, they will ask you to raise a ticket.


We have added two more Helpers to our ranks for the Network. 

  • ElderMaxon
  • XAndyRay

We are very excited to have them with us as they have shown a lot of dedication to the Archetype Network and have supported us already!

If you see them online, say g'day and please direct any questions to them that you may have. They may not know the answer, but they will be able to find the answer for you.


Now, I believe that I have been a fairly good admin for you guys. I have seen admins on other servers and I have always wondered why they are never seen on the server, or why they never help out. I have tried to be as open as possible with everyone, and get involved in the game as often as possible. It seems that most of you enjoy this so I will stay with it.

In saying that, you really need to be patient when asking me a question or trying to get my attention. The Archetype has other staff ranks for a reason. This reason is so that senior staff can be freed up to develop the server, fix issues and support the rest of the staff team.

I love talking to all of you, but constantly trying to grab my attention while I am busy (which is all of the time) is not a good way to get answers. Talk to the other staff if you need help urgently. If you have a question that you specifically need to talk to me about, mesage me on Discord or the website. I will get to it when I am able to.


We started off with a factions server. We have a good playerbase. We decided to expand. Most of the playerbase told me that they will come back when Factions is open again. Well, the time is here. Factions is now open to play again.

There were a few changes that were made to the factions server, so we had to redo a lot of the backend. But we hope that most of it has stayed the same. If you find issues, open a ticket using /ticket and we will try and address the issue as soon as possible.

Claiming near spawn

I have removed the ability to claim close to spawn. This is because people were wantin to build massive structures near spawn, and that would deter new players from wanting to be around it. I have thought about this a lot and that decision is final

The area around spawn has also been cleaned up. I rmember going onto servers and I was absolutely in awe of the carnage around spawn. I thought that it would be cool to have something similar on our factions server, but it just became too much of a mess. Because of this, the area around spawn has been regenerated to as close to new as possible. To keep it looking nice, there is a certain amount of blocks around spawn that you can not break, and you can not place blocks onto. Again, this has been thought out and the decision is final.

If you had buildings there, they are now gone. Just assume that they were raided and start building somewhere new.

Thanks for reading my dribble again. I hope that you guys are as excited as I am. 

I look forward to seeing you in-game,


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