And it begins...

By JohZant Owner - Posted Jan 30, 18

Hey there, Archetype fam!

I am just super stoked with you all right now. Like, really, really happy. The support from each and everyone of you is amazing and it is literally what keeps me going on this path that is set out before us.

We had an amazing week after the last weekend where we added some exciting features. In fact, last week was so great, and the response to our future was so large, that we have decided to move forward with a few things.

So, here is what this last week had in store for us.

  1. Added donations store.
  2. More quests added to factions server.
  3. Permissions were migrated to a better solution. (faster, more efficient and ready for the network).
  4. Moved to #764 in server ranks.
  5. Moved to #10 in Australian Minecraft server ranks.

Since the store has been up, we have had a few very generous donations. I'd like to thank all the people that donated to the server. It really does mean a lot to us as it helps us know that we are on the right path to creating something truely great. With a small amount of the money that was donated, we were able purchase some premium plugins for the Network that I think everyone will enjoy a lot

The Network

As many of you may have realised, I have been ducking in and out of the server a lot, and I am spending long periods of time "offline". This is not me taking a vacation, or bailing on you. The majority of my time is currently spent configuring the new servers that we will be launching soon.

Currently, we are looking to open the following game types.

  • Vanilla - at launch
  • Creative - at launch
  • Skyblocks - at launch
  • KitPVP - Later
  • Parkour - - Later

For those that are using to connect to the server currently, you will not have to change anything. You will just jump on and load up in the Hub of the new server. For those that are using the IP of the factions server, you will need to change the Server Address to mc.archetype-mc-com as soon as you can. If you keep using the IP address, you will try to login one day to see that the server is down.

What does this mean for your stuff on the Factions Server?

Nothing. All of your stuff will be exactly the same as when you left it. The factions server will be shutting down so that I can migrate it to the network. I am not sure how long it will take. Please have a look at the FAQ for this and put any questions that you have about it there.


There will be a need for more staff in this new server. If you feel like you can dedicate time and energy to helping players, new and old, as well as helping the senior staff members, please apply here.

Thanks fro reading, thanks for being a part of the community and thanks for supporting the Archetype Server.

See ya in-game,


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