Welcome to Archetype!

By JohZant Owner - Posted Dec 29, 17

Hey there!

Welcome to the Archetype Minecraft community.

We are a simple factions server based in Sydney, Australia.

Why another Minecraft Server?

The US, UK and Europe have so many beautiful Minecraft servers full of great games. Australia has very similar servers, but with only a fraction of the player base.

Archetype Factions is an Australian server that is dedicating itself to its player base and the Australian Minecraft community.

What does this mean?

This means that we will not be bringing in complicated plugins and game modes. We will not be giving thousands of commands and most of all, we will slowly build our server WITH our player base.

The server has been active since 7th December, 2017. It is a Factions server, with minimalistic commands and services, that works for Groups of players as well as those that want to play solo.


At this stage, we offer Factions and a Creative world. 


We love discord! Come and join our discord.


We know that a lot of people want to donate to help make the Archetype successful. We will be accepting donations and offering paid Ranks in the future, however we don't want anyone to spend money with us until we are happy with the server setup. We are almost there and we look forward to giving you a great experience.

See you on the Archetype server,


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