That Late May One...

JohZant Owner posted May 21, 18

Hey guys,

Remember me? I'm that guy that runs that Minecraft server that you played on that one time. Yeah, I know.... I'm still here, and I'm not going away any time soon!

This post has been delayed by a LOT of things. Namely, me being unwell for two weekends and attempting to catch up on the backlog of Archetype related work. I did also get a little into writing some custom plugins for Archetype which took up some time. (This happens to me a lot. Whenever I find some new and exciting technology that I can play with, it tends to consume my life).

So, here is what has been happening over the last month and what is coming up!


  1. Skyblock got a new Spawn, thanks to the hard work of Sir_Sheepalot.
  2. Arena got a new game mode: Paintball.
  3. Updated some boring plugins for performance.
  4. Removed a low classed voting site... but still have not removed the double voting rewards.. mainly so that I have a defence for when people complain about losing a voting site.
  5. Spawners on Factions: We have decided that instead of making all spawners available for different prices, we should set them all at an average price. And instead of having each one available to purchase, we would have a crate that has them all. That is correct.... You purchase a key and get a random spawner. Different spawners will have different chances of dropping. The crate is located at the back of the shop, and the keys will be available for purchase sometime this week. 

Bugs and Exploits

  1. Invisibility Bug on Arena  Everywhere

    The invis issue on Arena has actually been on every server, but since most players aren't always in each other's faces, like in KitPVP or Paintball, it just has not been noticed. In all honesty, and I am 100% about honesty and transparency, I don't have the faintest idea why this is happening randomly. We have tried removing all plugins (that is right, for a few days, people could have hacked on the Arena and I wouldn't have known..... stupid hackers...) and that did not work. I have even tried fixes that were recommended from the interwebs.... still nothing. So, the only thing left to do is to completely reinstall the server and build it back up slowly. More on this later.

  2. Mob Arena

    The issue with players not being returned to the Lobby after the game has ended is now fixed.


This is what we are going to be looking at in the near future


As it has been stated, there is an invis bug that is plaguing all servers, but is only noticable on Arena. Because we can't solve this issue, we will need to rebuild some servers. Sounds fun right?

Well, we don't want to take the Arena offline to rebuild it so instead, we are going to start separating out some of the games on the Arena to their own servers. This will give the game modes, such as KitPVP and Paintball some added functionality as they are made to operate without other plugins hanging around and telling them what to do. Which brings me to my next point!


I have spoken about what the goal of Archetype is and how I have kind of gone away from what that goal was, so I won't go on about it again. However, because of this change that Archetype is trying to bring to Australia, we are going to be changing the way our server works.

At the moment, we have some servers that are not getting a lot of love; Parkour and Vanilla. Factions has gone way down in population and Skyblock, while it is also pretty low in population, seems like our most popular game mode. This all makes complete sense to me though, and here is why....

Why am I reinventing the wheel? We already have survival servers and Skyblock servers in Australia. And these servers are made up of teams that have 10-20 staff members all improving and working on the game modes. Why am I trying to compete for players when we are a small team that is offering a subpar experience?

I could get more staff (which is something that we will be needing soon) and try to compete with some of these larger servers, but what is the point of Archetype then?

So, Archetype will be changing its focus towards offering quickplay game modes. This will be a slow progression so don't worry about losing anything just at the moment. The servers that we will eventually be losing will be Vanilla and Parkour, although the Parkour maps will be moved to the Hub server so that players can still play parkour.

Future Staff

With our new path put down before us, we are going to be needing more staff. The main reason is that while I can do most things, I feel that most servers are getting neglected because I am spread pretty thin. Plus, over the next few months, I am going to be spread even thinner due to work commitments.

I have always been someone that believes that Staff roles should be earned, which is why I like to start everyone out as a Helper. This has worked well as the majority of the Helpers that I have had in the past have not been able to dedicate time or end up just being inactive/useless.

With that being said, we are doing a bit of a shuffle of roles and we might be offering some other positions soon. If you are keen on joining the Archetype team in some sort of capacity, keep a look out over the next few weeks as we will get more of an idea of what roles will be required. This will be anywhere from being an Administrator, to a Dev, to a Helper. We really have no clue at this stage.


It seems that I am finding this section a bit hard to keep up to date so I can't make any guarantees as to when the next update will be, but I will try and keep them coming as often as possible. One of the changes that we will be making, regarding the shuffling of staff, is that suz_cos will be taking on some more responsibilities, which may include this report from time to time.

Thanks for those that still have a read of this. I know that it is never the most thrilling bit of literature.

See you in-game,


Well, today is the last day of School Holidays for some and the start of them for others. Either way, the Archetype team doesn't get a break, so here is what we have been working on!


  1. Balancing of Shop on Skyblock
  2. Server Selector Compass in Hubs. That's right! no more "So, what do i do now?"
  3. Setting up Arena Server
  4. Double vote Rewards (this has not been removed just yet, but it will happen in the next day or two.)
  5. Boring backend stuff

Bugs and Exploits

  1. Invisibility Bug on Arena

    There is a bug that was thought to have come from a particular plugin. However, we have noticed it in other areas on the server where the plugin is not in play. This issue is being investigated and only happens on the Arena Server. The temporary fix is to go back to the hub and then return to the arena, or if that does not work, disconnect from the network and reconnect.

  2. Mob Arena

    Mob Arena has been setup on the Arena server, but there seems to be an issue with it. While you may be able to use some of the commands, they don't really do anything at the moment as errors are being generated. This should be fixed in the next few days.

  3. Factions Crate Rewards

    We have had a few reports of players getting donour ranks from crates as rewards but not having the rank applied. This has stemmed from Ranks being changed in the crates. Basically, Donour ranks are not rewarded freely anymore, so we set up special ranks for the Factions server. If you experience this issue, let us know by raising a ticket.


Work on the Archetype Network is constant, but here are a few items that are on our mind at the moment.

  1. Arena - We are still setting up the arena. There was a direction that we were going to go, but it keeps on changing. The Arena is meant to be the place where you can go to kill anything you want. We are going to have different game modes on it but at the moment, we are trying to decide on how these game modes should be linked and what sort of rewards they should give.
  2. Website - Our website needs a bit more love. We need to style it a bit better and get some good graphics and possibly a new logo. This will be an ongoing change and it will be slow. I am sorry if there is anything that breaks or if something doesn't quite look right at times. If you have any suggestions, let me know on Discord or in the Forum under Suggestions.
  3. Server as a whole - This one seems dumb..... possibly the most dumb one here. Obviously we are working on the server! But what I mean by "Server as a whole" is offering to you, our community, and the rest of the Australian Minecraft Community what is needed.

We started out with a goal to bring Australia a server that would offer more game modes that what is currently on our shores. We started with Factions, which turned out well, and then when we moved to having multiple servers and gamemodes we looked for instant gratification from our decision. The instant gratification that we got was by offering gamemodes that were already in Australia.

Well, that gave us a good base, but we are now looking at what is currently on offer in Australia and what seems to be popular elsewhere. We hope to give some good experiences in the near future that you will not be able to find else where in Australia.


This weekend coming up, Vanilla will have a Double Ore chance. This means that for every ore that you mine, you will get a chance to get two drops.

Those that know me understand that I can be inherently evil when it comes to a chance option in the config file. This weekend though, we will be setting the double drop chance to greater than 25%! I won't be giving you the exact rate as I still need to have a little fun, but you should be getting at least a statistical quarter of your drops doubling.

Also... I may secretly change it from time to time for a bit of fun, so beware!


Thanks for having a read. If you get a chance over the next week, drop me a message on Discord, on the server or on the website and give me some feedback about anything. It can be anything from "how good JohZant is at PVP" to "What you would like to see in these posts". Every player has thought at one time or another about starting a Minecraft server, so talk to me! Tell me what you like, what you hate, what you want to see more of and what you want to see less of. 

You can even let me know what your favourite server is, or even your favourite gamemode from another server that you play. I am all ears!

See you in-game,


Easter Holidays!

JohZant Owner posted Apr 3, 18

Happy Easter, ArcheFam! I hope everyone had a nice time with family and friends, or even those that spent it on Minecraft or in front of the television, like myself.

We were a bit late with the weekly roundup this week, due to the public holidays, but here is what happened over the last week.


  1. Skyblock got a new spawn, and a shop!
  2. Name Colours were added to the game and are available for purchase in the website Store.
  3. Kits and Ranks were added to Factions. These kits are available for Factions ranks only atm. This does not mean current donours will have access to them.
  4. Skyblock Vote Crate rewards had some goodies added.

Bugs and Exploits

  1. Factions Creeper and TP issue

    We have a few reports of people crashing when hitting a creeper or taking fall damage when teleporting. The creeper issue is believed to be fixed at this stage, but we have some more testing to do. The TP issue is a very hard one to solve as it requires that the server is put into "super debug mode" which will generate really large log files that I will have to sift through. To help me out with this, if you could please raise a ticket everytime that you take fall damage by typing /ticket and creating a new ticket under the "bug" category.

  2. Delay in Vote Rewards

    This has now been resolved. Rewards and Notifications will be given straight to you on the server. If you have registered on the website, you will still experience a delay for your Coins.

  3. Crate Key Drops

    The Vote Crate on Factions was not handing out keys. This has been fixed.


We are always developing certain parts of the server with fixes here and new content there, but the main part of the server that I am working on, especially now that most of the servers are running smoothly, is the Arena.

This week I got to get my hands a bit dirty and finish planning the server. Over the next week, I am hoping to temporarily open a section so that you can get your first look at the Arena and what sorts of gameplay it might entail.

The first part of the server will be a KitPVP area where you will have unlimited uses of Kits. This will hopefully be out and ready for this weekend.

Note: All player progress, such as balances and other gains, will be wiped after the testing is done and the server is closed again.


With the Holidays here, we have decided to double the Voting rewards for the entirety of the school holidays. We are wanting to pick up some more members for our community over this period, so remember to vote for us and get some of those sweet rewards!


I just wanted to also take the time now to say thanks to all of you. All members of the Archetype Community are very special to me and I enjoy playing with you all. I know that I may not get to play too much, but for the periods of time where I do get to take 30 minutes to an hour out of my day to enjoy the server, it is a lot of fun and I really enjoy what we have all created here.

See you in-game,


Easter, here we come!

JohZant Owner posted Mar 26, 18

Wow! Almost a quarter the way through the year. Easter is coming up, and for many, it will be school holidays. Yay!

Here is what we have been up to over the past week.


  1. Factions had all of its crates added back in.
  2. Anticheat was tinkered with to be more lenient in some places but crack down a bit more in others.
  3. We added a few things to the backend to make things run smoother and give us a better look at what is happening around the entire network.

Bugs and Exploits

  1. Pets Crashing Servers

    This is a well-known bug. The developer of the Pets plugin has said that it will be updated in the next version. Until then, I have removed the pets from most servers.

  2. Delay in Vote Rewards

    Some vote rewards have been taking up to 10 minutes to come through. This is being investigated.


Now that Factions and Skyblock are running smoothly, I will be getting into the development of the Arena Server. This is a big project and there will be times where we will get some people to come into the server to test things out. 

Basically, we are trying to add in 3-4 different game modes that all revolve around the same thing; Destroying your opponent. But this will take a lot of trial and error.

Watch this space!


With Easter coming up, we are trying to think of some Easter based events. We have something in the works but if it doesn't work out, we don't want to have you all disappointed.

Because of this event, we won't be hosting any server-specific events this weekend.


A big congratulations to DakotaWebber. He has been a great helper and we believe that he would be a great addition to our team as a moderator. 


How was that? A nice and quick read!

Most of the stuff that we have been doing is backend stuff, but I assure you that it does make the server run smoother and adds to your continued good experience.

See you in-game,


We are halfway through March and I did miss a report last Monday. I do apologise as I was very busy with setting up Factions and making sure that everything was going according to plan.

I have also been a bit bogged down with work for this last week so I was not able to be on as much as usual. I will try and rectify that this week coming up!


Factions was reset and has now been going for over a week. We had a good turn out for the opening and the server is doing not too badly. It has again become the favourite, which I am very happy about.

We only had the Auction House as a way to make money for the first week, but this past weekend we added back the shop. We believe that it is very balanced and so far everyone seems to be happy with it. We keep getting questions about how empty it is and when we are gonna finish it. The truth is that the shop is finished now and we have left the open slots for if we decide to expand.

The last server got out of hand because we added in so many things to the shop that it became unmanageable. This time we want to develop the economy more naturally.

Note: Taxes was turned off since we did not have the shop up in time. They will be turned back on at 7 pm AEST today (19th of March, 2018). Make sure that your factions are stocked up with money.

Bugs and Exploits

  1. Vanilla and Skyblock Crashes

    I was lucky enough to be online as one of these crashes took place. I was able to get a very clean crash report and I have submitted this to the plugin developer that was causing the issue. This should hopefully be fixed in the next week or so.

  2. Villagers Disappearing from Factions

    Zombie Villagers were not able to be turned into Villagers due to us not spawning Villagers on the Factions server. We fixed this and now you can get Villagers from Zombie Villagers.


We were meant to be releasing the Arena server this past weekend but we got too carried away with the Factions server. Since all of my attention has been turned towards the Factions server for the past week and we have a few things that we want to add to the Factions server over this next week, the Arena server has been postponed. We literally have no ETA on this as there is a fair bit to set up.

However, Factions will be getting pretty much all of the love this next week from me with Kits, Ranks and Crates being added. The reason we are adding in Ranks and Kits is to separate our Donour Ranks from those that have not donated to the server. At the moment, donour ranks can be awarded to players from crates and envoys on the Factions server. This means that non-factions players don't get the chance to get a donour rank and also that our donours are not set aside from the rest of the players.

Our donours are very special to us and we don't want to disrespect them by handing out something for free that they got by helping out the server.

We will also give Skyblock a little bit of love this next week or two with some changes coming in for the shop.


As a part of our plan to bring in some new players as well as keep our current players happy, we will be planning events every weekend or second weekend. This may not be on every server, but we will try and even out the events as much as possible. 

This past weekend we tried out an event on the Factions server, which got a little bit of attention. We didn't advertise it because if we broke the server with it, we did not want to get complaints. Turns out that we broke nothing, so we are very keen to keep the events rolling.

This next weekend coming, 7 pm, 23rd of March,2018 until 7 pm, 26th of March, 2018, we will be hosting two events.

  • Skyblock ~ 50% off all Flytime purchases.
  • Factions ~ 1.5x mcMMO XP Weekend. 

Let us know if there are any Events that you would like to see in the future and we will see what we can do!


We know that we have been very quiet over the last two week. For the players that have been online, I have had a great time chatting with you and getting to know you all a bit more. I hope that you have enjoyed my company as well.

As usual, hit me up if you have any issue or questions about anything. We do love the feedback, especially the feedback we got this past weekend.

See you in-game,


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